The Elderly Personal Care

The Elderly Personal Care: Basic Need of Aged Ones

Personal care for seniors at home is a full-time responsibility.  Time, Care, and a lot of attention are required for elderly personal care assistance. No doubt families do take good care of their loved ones at home but when family members are facing strict schedules due to busy work life, they hardly find time to spend with their elders.

In this situation, companion care for the elderly becomes a challenging option. Moreover, the elderly are not able to accomplish their daily tasks personally as they need proper assistance in day-to-day activities. Many organizations are offering versatile services for elderly home care assistance worldwide.

In this regard, Mafolux Healthcare is one of the best agencies which is dealing with home health care for seniors. They provide wholesome services regarding respite care for the elderly in specific areas such as Cook, Dupage, Lake, and McHenry.

What Personal Care Means in Elderly Services?

Personal care for seniors at home is the assistance and supervision of daily activities carried out by caregivers. For the elderly, personal tasks become troublesome at a certain age. Mafolux home health care for seniors allows them to experience an independent life by staying at home.

Eligibility Criteria to Receive Personal Care Services?

Anyone who is facing issues in doing routine work, the elderly with hearing loss, and vision loss can receive personal care services. Additionally, disabled persons, post-operative patients, and people with chronic illnesses such as dementia are eligible to get facilitated by such home care services.

Our Personal Care Plan

Mafolux Healthcare allows you to customize a personal care plan to receive companion care for the elderly. The care plan can be customized based on the requirements of individuals. The following services are being offered by us for elderly home care assistance.

1) Toileting & Bathing

The main goal of caregivers is to help individuals with daily personal tasks. Toileting and bathing are major areas of personal care services. Disabled persons, seniors, and post-operative patients face difficulty during toileting.

Mafolux staff provide complete assistance in elderly personal care at home to maintain their hygiene. The elderly feel more confident, happy, and satisfied by getting all these services on a daily basis.

    2) Elderly Grooming

    Self-grooming boosts confidence in every person. The Elderly also feels pleasant by experiencing these services from caretakers. Mafolux HealthCare staff is well-trained and provides amazing grooming services of respite care for the elderly. They make their clients feel comfortable during getting them dressed and undressed.

      3) Medication Management

      The Caregivers assist in medication intake during companion care for the elderly. They cannot prescribe any kind of medication. Instead, they only help the elderly with medicine intake according to the doctor’s prescription.

        4) Physical & Mobility Support

        Aged ones find it difficult to walk without any support so they need constant assistance for their workouts. Our caregivers provide aid to seniors in physical support and movement. Also, mobility assistance reduces the elderly falls risks to a greater extent.

          5) Elderly Foot Care

          Diabetic patients need help in daily foot care. Caregivers assist seniors in washing their feet properly. In this way, certain risks such as ulcers, injuries, and infection of feet can be prevented. This service can also be customized in an elderly personal care plan.

            6) Outdoor & In-home Positioning

            Moving and positioning for the elderly is a challenging aspect. Our staff’s main priority is to help the clients in moving around the house and outdoors as well. Comfortable positioning is the key feature of respite care for the elderly.

              7) Manage Nutritional Meal

              Maintenance of a healthy and nutritious diet is another most salient service of Mafolux Healthcare. The elderly require proper nutrition in their meal to meet the standards of a healthy lifestyle. Our staff makes it possible by preparing healthy meals for clients according to their needs.

              Other Personal Care Services

              • Companion care for the elderly might also involve assisting in transportation during travels.
              • Respite care for the elderly takes care of all medication reminders for patients suffering from memory loss.
              • Personal care for seniors at homes can also include hair combing and styling.
              • Elderly females who are makeup lovers might avail of makeup application services by our caregivers at home.

              Pros of Personal Care of Aged Ones

              • Time flexibility in providing services to our clients.
              • A friendly environment is guaranteed during elderly personal care.
              • Allow people to live with their family members.
              • Elderly home care services are offered by professionalized caregivers.
              • Our seniors go back to lively and energetic life again.
              • In-home care for seniors also overcome their feeling of loneliness.

              Cons of Personal Care of Aged Ones

              • In-home care for seniors includes personal dependence on clients.
              • The privacy of your loved ones is compromised during senior home care services.
              • Not all people can afford home care.
              • Some people show a lack of trust in external support.

              Do You Want to Avail of Personal Home Healthcare for Seniors?

              At this point, you have learned each aspect of personal home care for the elderly. So, if you want to avail any of these services for your loved ones, you can contact Mafolux Healthcare organization to get elderly home care services anytime. We are providing in-home care for seniors in the following areas such as Cook, Dupage, Lake, and McHenry.

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